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Telephone Systems^ back to top

QDOS is a multiple award winning Avaya Hospitality specialist solution provider, reflecting our expertise in designing, implementing and supporting Avaya voice & data solutions to Hotel groups International IT Brand Standards

Good communication is at the heart of every successful Hotel. Avaya customers enjoy flexible, scalable, secure communications, optimised to meet the needs of the Hospitality industry, from small economy Hotels through to some of the world’s most famous luxury Hotels.

The hospitality industry is under increasing pressure to do more with less. Improvements in guest service and reduction in cost can only be achieved by increasing efficiency. By focusing on the Hospitality industry Avaya has been able to assist Hotels by delivering.

Talk to us about what we offer now and how we see the future of Hotel telephony services evolving.

Guest Telephones & Connectivity Panels^ back to top

QDOS supplies a wide range of in room Telephones and Connectivity Solutions from a variety of manufacturers including Cotell, Teledex, Telematrix and AEI.

QDOS has access to global framework discount structures enabling us to provide handsets at competitive prices whilst ensuring compliance with International IT Brand Standards for make & model, faceplate design, cordless handsets as appropriate.

Modern Hotel guest telephones offer unequaled style and cutting-edge design to today's modern Hotel room. Designed to address the needs of discerning Hoteliers, the telephones combine proven specialist Hospitality phone features with modern and sophisticated design. Built to endure and withstand years of daily use without losing their pristine looks, the telephones are a smart investment reliably ensuring that you and your guests stay connected.

Our custom faceplates complete the look of your new Hotel telephone. Specifically designed for your Hotel and incorporating branding strategies, the faceplate is an integral part of your customer service offering. Encourage guest spending by labeling your pre-programmed guest service buttons with icons and by name giving guests an instantly recognizable hotline for purchasing your Hotel's value-add services. Provide simple dialing instructions so they can dial externally from the comfort of their room, or dial internally to other rooms and departments. And lastly - create a unique look and design fitting for your Hotel!

Multimedia Connectivity Panels are designed to enable the simplest connectivity of personal portable media and devices to your guestroom TV, Internet and Multimedia Systems; as well as an option for universal mains power. The low profile format can be mounted cleanly to wall or furniture or positioned easily and accessibly on a desktop surface.

Talk to us about your in room telephone and connectivity requirements.


A fast, reliable, scalable and secure converged IT infrastructure is vital to the smooth running of a modern Hotel. The IT network needs to be simple to use to allow for a regular throughput of staff yet adaptable to seamlessly integrate numerous Hospitality operating systems into one central converged system. The IT networks needs to be adaptable to benefit from the latest developments in emerging technology.

QDOS understands the specific requirements of designing, implementing and managing Hospitality IT infrastructure. The initial design requires an intricate knowledge of multiple platforms and specific IT Brand Standard requirements. The implementation requires rigid attention to detail and a thorough understanding of the integration between generic IT hardware and Hospitality specific software. The management requires the ability to monitor the network proactively whilst responding promptly and professionally to any faults or requests for service. Ongoing account management requires regular contact with the Hotel's management team to review the networks performance, the maintenance service and the latest industry developments to ensure that initial investment is protected, whilst enabling the Hotel to budget for any developments in IT that will prove beneficial to the Hotel or to guests.

Our comprehensive solution incorporates:

Talk to us about what we offer now and how we see the future of Hotel IT services evolving.

Structured Data Cabling^ back to top

QDOS offers a full range of cabling installation and support services for CAT5e/6/7 Structured Cabling, Coax and other specialist data cables. Our experience reflects over 20 years installing cabling solutions in new build Hotels and properties undergoing refurbishment.

Hospitality Voice Messaging^ back to top

Voice messaging systems provided by QDOS have been specifically designed to meet the needs of the Hotel industry.

The voice messaging systems interface seamlessly with your existing equipment, providing a cost-effective solution to improving customer service. Reducing operator console traffic frees up staff time, allowing for a more productive work environment.

By combining voicemail, automated attendant and Hospitality-specific features into one system, the voice messaging goes beyond simple messaging and turns the guest room phone into a complete information center.

Free up Valuable Staff Time

Easy-to-use voicemail eliminates the need for message taking and delivery, freeing up valuable staff time. Special instructions, work schedules and maintenance orders can all be communicated through voice messaging products. Property management system integration allows your computer system to integrate with voicemail features.

Lower Operating Expenses

Automated Attendant transfers outside calls directly to departments or individuals, further reducing operator console traffic. While your guests will appreciate the benefits, you’ll enjoy increased productivity and profitability.

Improve Customer Service

Automated guest services provides information to your guests at the touch of a button. Guests can get travel information, weather forecasts, road conditions, current time, room service or local food delivery, local information about restaurants, theaters, shopping and other attractions. Additionally, wake-up calls are guest-programmable and handled automatically by the system.

Maintenance, Service & Support^ back to top

As a specialist communications provider to the Hospitality sector, we understand the importance of prompt and professional support and are therefore dedicated to providing the very best in customer service to our clients.

We will be delighted to share our service performance statistics for your Hotel as we monitor and audit our performance every month, always with the goal of delivering first class levels of service and support to our customers.

Our dedication to providing the very best customer service and support 24/7/365 is what makes us the partner of choice for many leading international Hotels. Our technical teams, project managers, service engineers and account management teams are all experienced in providing prompt, professional and proactive service and support to Hospitality customers and are all trained to the very highest levels on the solutions we provide.

Whether you have a single Hotel, or are working across numerous global locations, QDOS can provide maintenance support agreements to suit your needs. Through longstanding relationships with technology partners, our support offering covers every aspect of your Hotels technology 24/7 x 365 with remote access to all of your systems.

In Room Entertainment^ back to top

High Speed Internet Access

In an ever-more inter-connected world, guests expect fast, easy and seamless Internet connectivity, throughout your property. It requires Hotels to overcome increasingly complex Internet and network challenges, with solutions that are cost-effective and commercially viable.

QDOS can provide the answer with guest connectivity solutions that can be configured to your specific requirements, for all guest service locations, Wi-Fi or Wired. With seamless roaming between areas and multiple payment options it couldn’t be easier for your guests.

Solutions can be configured by QDOS operations team to further tailor your solution to meet your more complex needs.

What’s more, with the latest tiered bandwidth capabilities you can be confident you are cost-effectively managing your available bandwidth and providing a quality and fair service to everyone.

With the ability to integrate the Hotel TV services and Internet access on a single network, this provides you with an efficient and commercially effective Internet solution. A ‘special offer’ package providing access to all services for a single preferential price also drives additional revenue opportunities.

This inherent flexibility comes with the robustness and security of industry-standard hardware, and the complete reassurance you get from partnering with the provider of Internet solutions to many of the world’s leading Hotels brands.

Services we provide include:

Talk to us about what we offer now and how we see the future of Hotel and guest Internet services evolving


The TV is the centerpiece of any Hotel room. It is an entertainment portal, a provider of information, and the core medium for you to communicate with your guests. The solutions need to meet your specific business needs as well as the expectations of your guests – today and into the future.

QDOS works with International specialist suppliers to offer solutions providing a range of different ways to inform, communicate with and entertain your guests, meeting the needs of budget to luxury markets, tailored to the specific needs of any property or brand.

QDOS provide a range of TV platforms to optimize your guest communication and guest experience and drive revenue opportunities in-room, compatible with TVs from all leading brands creating new revenue opportunities for you and enabling you to promote your services.

Solutions embedded with the flexibility to adapt and scale to the times, and the capability to remain one step ahead of technological innovation, guest expectations and business.

The range of TV platforms redefines guest communications:

...and they are all based on some core principles:

Underpinning all of this is revenue creation generated from hotel services, entertainment and promotion of third party services.

Talk to us about what we offer now and how we see the future of Hotel and guest Television evolving.


Sound plays a fundamental part in setting the tone of any Hotel.

Perhaps a quiet musical introduction for your guests, to match the look & feel of your Hotel? A sense of invigoration as they get ready in their rooms for dinner? Or maybe even a soothing ambiance as they take advantage of your spa?

Bose quality and high-performance sound and control technology is an ideal solution for in-room entertainment, as well as in the public areas.

QDOS can add enhanced, innovative audio to Hotel TV, digital entertainment and information solutions for in-room, conferencing and public areas. The partnership offers a complete, end to end package, ensuring high quality audio installations from conception to execution and support.

Benefits for your guests